Comfort Positions Poster

Looking for a comfort positions poster without spending a bunch of money? Download ours for free! Want the purple background a different color? Let us know and we’ll customize it to your hospitals colors.

Comfort positions poster helps child life specialists, parents, caregivers, nurses, and other medical staff to help reduce the pain and anxiety a child fields during a medical procedure. Post on a wall or door in the clinics, patient’s room, or waiting room! Write your pager number in the bottom left corner to create a better working relationship with staff.

Poster is 11″x17″. Want a glossy version? Try Kinkos, Office Depot, or OfficeMax to make it more professional looking.   Just a little holiday gift from Light Spinner Quarterly!

Contest Winners

Congratulations to those who participated in one of several Light Spinner Quarterly contests!

Playworks Intervention Ideas Contest: Jessica Oviatt, CCLS of Orange, CA

Child Life Awareness Through Art Contest: Emily Mozena, CCLS and students of Iowa City, Iowa

Tag, You’re It Contest: Andy Ziccarelli via Twitter

There is still one contest left to win! Enter your short story at a shot to get hooked up with bedside toys and publication!