Issue 4: Cover

Things are lookin’ pretty spiffy here at LSQ headquarters! We are proud to announce a NEW LOOK for the June 2012 issue, celebrating Child Life Month. The magazine will boast over 40 pages, be portable enough to carry around in your backpack/purse, and have a clean, professional polish.

We’re also branching out in our content by giving you more ideas to implement in your everyday practices and exploring what child life specialists are doing outside of the hospital! Haven’t subscribed yet? Now’s the time to get on board, before you’re the only child lifer not in the loop!

Please note that we are completely sold out of our first and second issue as of 11/29/11. Subscriptions and/or single issues ordered after 11/29/11 will begin with the most recent issue (3rd issue). If those are sold out, your subscription/single issue purchase will begin with the next issue. For questions, please contact us at

Child Life Internship Listings

Having a hard time finding a place to complete your child life internship at? Not even sure if the hospital near you has a child life program? Wish it was easier back in the day when you were looking for a hospital?

Well, we just took the guess work out of trying to find a child life internship! Visit our new internship site listings. There are hospital listings for all 50 states, Canada, England, new Zealand, and more. Child life programs have already commented and offered application suggestions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll touch up our listings.

We’ve taken care of the hard part, now you can concentrate your energies on more important things. Light Spinner Quarterly wishes everyone the very best wishes in their child life journey. We are here if you need us! Enjoy!

Max is Brave: PSA

OR CLICK HERE to see it better.

Light Spinner Quarterly presents the latest PSA  to continue to bring awareness to the field of child life. “Ask for a Child Life Specialist” is an LSQ original tagline that has grown into an empowering statement that child life specialists are able to utilize in their daily rapport with medical staff and families.

“Max” is visual evidence that the coping mechanisms and emotional support provided in the hospital stretch beyond a poke or MRI sedation; it is a life long learning tool that he will take with him in every life situation.

Share this video with friends and family to help educate the public about the importance of a child life specialist’s presence in the medical environment.

Stay tuned for our child life awareness video contest!

Spread the Word

OR CLICK HERE to see it better.

Our latest child life awareness public service announcement (PSA) in honor of child life month in March. How important is child life month to you? What does it mean to be a child life specialist? What is the value in making this celebratory month public? We answer these hard hitting questions in our next issue of Light Spinner Quarterly magazine.

Join us every week as we release a new PSA leading up to Child Life Month!

Child Life Campaign

It’s time to give Child Life a working voice.

Light Spinner Quarterly has developed a public campaign to support the ongoing efforts of expanding child life to grow into the tremendous professional giant it has the potential to be. Child life specialists are unique individuals that grace families with compassion and lifelong education during their most vulnerable life experiences. We see the intrinsic value in this, but the world is still learning.

Help us to spread the word about the importance of a child life specialist’s presence in a hospital setting by sharing the link to this campagin with friends and family.

In educating the public about the positive influence a CLS can have on a child’s development and social/emotional adaptation, we will create a demand for them in more hospitals globally. Growth is possible, but it takes discussion and contribution.

2012 is our time. Light Spinner Quarterly has taken its steps towards growth. Help us by sharing this campaign with the world at large!

“Child life is here. GET EXCITED!”

Happy New Year!

Congratulations to Apps Store gift card winner and subscriber Mayra Anguiano! Happy New Year Child Life Specialists! We are celebrating the first day of 2012 by giving away a $25 App Store gift card to one lucky subscriber. Build up your iPads for a fresh year of interventions and bedsides. Subscribe by January 7th to qualify!

2012 brought a multitude of exciting things for the field of child life and for Light Spinner Quarterly. We had the rare opportunity to hold photo shoots with child life teams at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL, Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI, and Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA.

LSQ also interviewed specialists from Canada, Japan, and New Zealand for the upcoming March issue! To read about what happend in Child Life around the world, search for past blog entires “Child Life in the News.” The Child Life Council has also made some inspiring changes to child life practices for 2012.

What to look forward to in 2012: Child Life Conference in Washington, DC, Child Life Month in March, One Year Anniversary LSQ launch party, a Hospital Roles coloring book, tons of giveaways, and so much more!

Make Light Spinner Quarterly your New Years Resolution! Stay informed about child life practices and colleagues, download free resources, and watch our field grow. We wish everyone the very best and reassure you that LSQ will continue to support you in your child life journeys. Happy New Year to the best field around!

“Child Life is here. GET EXCITED!”