Child Life Conference Month

May is here, and so is the countdown to the big Child Life Conference!

Don’t have your tickets and registration booked yet? Visit to finalize details and find out the scoop on the big 30th Anniversary Celebration! The Child Life Council has worked hard to bring you a very exciting conference this year, complete with a celebratory video and special guest speakers.

Light Spinner Quarterly is gearing up to commemorate both the conference this month and our own one year anniversary in June! Stay tuned for a special sneak peek into our June issue with Patch Adams and a sparkly surprise for each subscriber. We will also be holding some major contests. Hint: what’s a hospital hero without a cape!

LSQ sends out a special note of “good luck and hard work” to those studying for their child life exam; we were there once too!

Keep in touch, because Child Life is about about to get a lot more exciting in the next two months!

Child Life Conference: Washington, DC: May 24 – 27, 2012

Free LSQ Digital Copy

Help Child Life grow – share our Child Life Month issue with the world!

A free online version of our March 2012 Child Life Month issue is now available for the entire globe to take part in. Give your friends, family, and coworkers a visual about what you are so passionate about: Child Life. iPad and Smartphone friendly!

Child Life is an astonishingly necessary and inspiring profession to be a part of. For the Child Life Specialist, student, or educator reading this, you will know first hand the depth of love, hardship, and pride that constitutes a life’s work. We tip our hats to you.

It is also for this reason we are making our Child Life Month March 2012 issue free to share. It’s time to be globally recognized. It’s time to share with the public and other professions about what we do. Child Life Month should extend beyond 4 annual weeks.

We encourage you to share this link ( to our Child Life Month issue with as many people as you can. Let them know what you fight so hard to love. Let them know the incredibly gracious compassion you share with humanity.

Light Spinner Quarterly was born nearly a year ago with three main goals:

1) To spread awareness about the Child Life profession, globally. We believe the only way the field of Child Life will flourish into a thriving profession is to introduce the intrinsic value Child Life Specialists provide to families experiencing healthcare to the public; in an open forum.

Child Life is for everyone. Minimizing access to supportive resources only impedes our growth, which is why we have shared so many free things with you this year. The more Child Life flourishes, the more children and their families will have successful experiences in the hospital. The more support we have as Specialists, the happier we will become in our jobs.

2) To provide resources that cater to a CCLS’ limited budget. Let’s face it – we’re all pinching pennies these days. This is twice the truth when recession meets hospital/grad student budget. LSQ creates regular opportunities to download free resources…and now…a free issue of LSQ!

3) To host a public forum that provides a balanced prospective. There are issues Child Life Specialists regularly face that aren’t always being addressed, or taken care of. There are also everyday Child Life heroes that deserve recognition. LSQ knows about burnout, budget, a saturated job market, and the frustration of living the dream “per diem.” We’re ready to change these things and improve the quality of profession. But it takes community, communication, and awareness. All things that you have power to take hold of!

Light Spinner Quarterly recognizes the organizations and individuals that have taken a liking to our ideas and started implementing them on their own websites and in their own practices. There has been an influx in discussion about improving support systems and new things popping up in our own professional community. This is the movement we had hoped to see.

Child Life is here. Get Excited. Be Proud.




Light Spinner Quarterly is very proud and deeply honored to have interviewed child life’s personal hero, Patch Adams, MD, for the June 2012 issue!

We all know and love Patch Adams from the movie made several years ago about his empathetic charisma. After watching it, we were inspired to seek our own justice for a patient’s humanity through becoming child life specialists. Patch’s work and message of compassion has grown immensely since the film, and he took the time to share his message with us.

LSQ’s founder Sarah Mendivel sits down with Patch to discuss his philosophies on professional boundaries, burnout prevention, his life’s work, and the importance of staying true to child life values.

“They want to have a fabulous listener, they want sweet tenderness and no sense that you are in a hurry,” says Patch. Understanding firsthand the humanity and value that a child life specialist brings into a hospital, Patch shares with LSQ an empowering theme of love and self-preservation.

As a visionary, an idealist, and a revolutionary thinker, Patch Adams and his gorgeously vivid wardrobe is single-handedly changing the way our modern day healthcare system operates.

To see what Patch and The Gesundheit Institute! are up to, please visit their site here and consider volunteering or contributing to their cause! Stay tuned for more insight on our interview with Patch, or subscribe here  to get your own issue!